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Promoting Products in Your Massage Practice

What a Great Idea!

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I just returned from a wonderful conference especially for entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX called the Idea Incubator. The whole 4 days was focused around taking your ideas from concept to cash.

How many times a day to you have an idea that could bring more money into your massage business? For example, you could teach a seminar, write an eBook or develop an eCourse on a subject you know a lot about.

Or you could link from your massage website (if you have one) to other sites that have complementary products you recommend to your clients anyway, and make money on the commissions (like with

So many ideas… so little time!

Anyway, on my blog over the next few days and weeks I’ll be sharing in detail some of what I learned that applies to running a massage business. So, if you’ve ever thought that it would be nice to have some additional streams of income coming in, and you’d like to know how, do check back.

How To Promote Essential Oils in Your Massage Practice

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I was recently interviewing Lissy Dickens from Essential 3, a company that supplies essenials oils to many massage therapists. The whole interview will be published on my upcoming online radio show, Massage Success Radio. The radio show will be launched in a few weeks, and I’m very excited about it. But meanwhile here are some tips from Lissy on how to incorporate essential oils into your massage practice.

1. Choose a “signature oil” for example, Lavender, and diffuse it in the waiting area. It will help the client to instantly relax and they will associate the aroma with the good feelings to come.

2. If a client complains of a headache, is stuffed up or stressed out, give them a tissue with 2 drops of a headache soothing blend, a blend to decongest their sinuses, or one that will help them unwind. They will appreciate the extra care. Plus it introduces essential oil therapy and will help increase the sale of oils in your practice.

3. As a starting point for the massage treatment, rub 1 drop of Lavender between your hands and hold over the clients face, instructing them to breathe deeply twice. Do the same yourself. This will center both of you, begin the relaxation for the client, and signals the start of the treatment.

For more great ideas you can listen to Lissy here…

Lissy has some good resources on her site at Essential 3 should you want to know more.