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Dari Haffie is This Week’s Guest on Massage Success Radio

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Today’s guest on Massage Successs Rado is Dari Haffie of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

I “met” her when I recently interviewed her for an upcoming AMTA-WA convention, where we will both be speakers.

What primarily intrigued me about her work is that I saw it as an excellent way to achieve longevity in a profession that traditionally puts quite a bit of stress on the hands and wrists.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy has been quoted as “The most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet”. And what makes this type of deep tissue massage different from most – is that you do it with your feet.

Dari is one of only 10 trainers of this style of bodywork.

In today’s interview we discussed:

  • What makes this technique different from other barefoot techniques.
  • The types of therapists this work might be best suited for.
  • Why you use your feet? What’s wrong with hands?
  • What exercises would help you prepare to be a practitioner of this technique.
  • The role of overhead bars in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.
  • Ways to diversify your practice and market your massage business.

So if you are interested in learning about a technique that may extend the life of your career (by using your hands less) as well as making you stand out from the other massage therapists in your area, go here to listen.

Massage Success Radio Officially Launches Today

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Today on Massage Success Radio I interview Lissy Dickens of Essential 3, a company that makes wonderful essential oils.

I met Lissy at an AMTA regional conference, and I was attracted to her oils right away. But it was not until I heard about a day spa whose sale of essential oils exploded after Lissy’s educational session with the therapists, that I just knew I had to have her on Massage Success Radio.

Lissy has some great resources for massage therapists on her site at Essential 3 should you want to know more.

Here’s some of what we talked about on today’s show:

How to promote products with integrity and increase additional income streams in your massage practice.

The controversy surrounding the ethics of selling products in your massage business.

Some effective ways to introduce aromatherapy and other natural remedies to your clients.

What the very successful therapists, clinic and day spa owners are doing to build their businesses using essential oils.

How to profit from using essential oils in your practice.

Specific things you can do to add value to your clients, and make them feel extra cared for using aromatherapy.

How to use aromatherapy to “set the stage” for your massage treatment.

The most authentic way to make sales without feeling like you are selling.

How to get over any fear or resistance you may have about promoting products in your practice.

To listen to the show, pop on over to Massage Success Radio.


How to Beat the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues: Idea #2

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Every day, challenge yourself to write down at least 3 massage marketing victories. They could be either successes you had that day, or things that you overcame (like procrastination) in building your massage business. Keep a “victories journal” to read in those moments when you don’t feel you are getting anywhere. It’s a great reminder of what you have accomplished.