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Build Your Massage Business by Reaching Out

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Despite our diversity, human beings need community. We all need to feel loved, to connect with others, and to be touched in a respectful and caring way. This makes life worth living. Yet according to public opinion pioneer, George Gallup, Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. As massage practitioners, we can change this!

Especially during these challenging times, people need help coping with the stresses of life that tend to isolate us. As agents of change this is our time to shine as the caring professionals that we are. It’s time to step up as leaders in our community. Who else has the ability to directly impact stress and suffering the way that we do?


7 method on How You can Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

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My friend Lori Hill ( speaks frequently about greening your business operations and personal life. She recently wrote this article on how to market your massage business as a green company. I thought you’d enjoy it.

How to Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

Research is showing that more and more savvy consumers want to do business with green companies. This is especially true for massage clients and prospective clients who are naturally already inclined towards healthy living.

So, if you have a green business, or plan to go green, below are tips for marketing your business as an organization that practices and believes in sustainability.

1. Join Green Business Organizations 
There are many green  business organizations that you can join that can not only help you learn to be more sustainable in your business practices, but also assist you in marketing your business as a green entity.  If you become a member of any green business organization, be sure to list this on your web site.

Green America’s Green Business Network –
This provides the networks, resources, and technical assistance needed for socially and environmentally responsible businesses to emerge and thrive in communities across the United States.  All members must complete an extensive application process.  Once approved, you must pay an annual fee to maintain your membership.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) –
BALLE has a network of chapters all across the United States and Canada.  Many have special programs as well as monthly meetings with speakers.  There are individual and business memberships available.

2. List Your Green Initiatives on Your Web Site
Outline your green office procedures as well as other green practices you engage in during the course of business.  A potential client may pick you over the competition because you share their values.

3. Announce Your Green Initiatives and Services in Your e-Zine or Blog
Let your clients know that you have gone green and how you’ve gone green.  It may increase their loyalty to you and give them a reason to spread the word that you are a sustainable massage business. You may also inspire them to act on green initiatives they hadn’t thought of.

4. Say It In Your Tag Line
Incorporate your sustainability beliefs into your tag line.  For example, BP uses Beyond Petroleum.  Incorporate this into your logo, business cards, invoices and the greeting in your voice mail.  This will let your clients and potential clients know that you are serious about sustainability.

5. Practice What You Preach and Boast Whenever You Can
To avoid being accused of “green washing”, your actions need to match your mission.  Don’t engage in wasteful practices that will make others question your sincerity.

On the other hand, if your business cards and company stationery are printed on recycled paper with soy based ink, be sure to indicate this on those documents.  Not only will this raise awareness about what your company believes in, but it may also inspire others to go green the next time they have a print job.

6. Educate Your Fellow Professionals and Other Local Business Owners
Volunteer to speak to fellow professionals and local business owners about how you have gone green in your business.  This will help educate your colleagues and associates and give you more credibility and visibility as an expert in this area.

7. Give Back to Mother Earth
Donate 1% of Your Sales to 1% for the Planet –  This is an alliance of 1,079 companies worldwide that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 1,717 environmental organizations worldwide.

Become an Activist/Volunteer in the Community
March to the White House or your state capitol, attend environmental rallies, clean up a stream, plant trees or send letters to your legislators and then write about it in your blog and e-Zine.  This will raise awareness about an issue you care about and let your clients know that you are sincere about your mission to be green.

6 things to do after attending a Massage Conference

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If you decide to attend a massage conference, doing the following will make the experience of attending worth your while.

After the Conference:

1. It’s always ideal if you can plan a day off after the conference to “decompress”, but at the very least do schedule some time for yourself as soon as possible after you get home.

2. Review your notes, and choose 12 things you learned that you want to implement in the next 12 months.

3. Prioritize them in order of importance.

4. Get together with your conference buddy and tell them what you are committing to and how you are going to accomplish that. Their job is to help you be accountable (and you do the same for them).

5. Schedule the time you will need in your planner to accomplish your goals. For example, if you are going to master a new technique you learned, when are you going to practice it and with whom? If you are going to implement a new marketing strategy, when are you going to take the necessary action steps?

6. And don’t forget to follow up with all of the folks whose business cards you collected. A nice way is a simple postcard saying how much you enjoyed meeting them.

If you follow these simple suggestions before, during and after a conference, you will maximize your investment, and take your business to the next level, in addition to having a great time!

4 things you can do at a Massage Conference to maximize your investment of time and money.

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Here are some things you can do at a Massage Conference to maximize your investment of time and money.

At the Conference:

1. Have a list of questions handy at each workshop you attend and cross them out as they get answered. If the speaker doesn’t address your specific issues, it is your responsibility to ask.

Many speakers also make themselves available after their presentation to answer specific questions, so don’t be shy about taking advantage of this. They will let you know if there is someplace else they have to be.

2. Do not underestimate the power of peer-to-peer networking. For example, I have seen many mentor/mentee relationships develop at conferences, where a more experienced therapist is only too happy to share her knowledge with someone just getting started in the profession.

With this in mind, do make it a practice to sit next to someone different at each meal, as well as at the presentations, and get to know them.

3. A good attitude to have when it comes to networking is to be a detective when you are listening to someone and try to find a need they have that you can meet. For example, you could tell them about a resource that might help them, or better yet, look for other therapists at the conference that you could introduce them to. People love that.

4. Do have a daily goal of how many business cards you will collect from people you have met. But don’t just collect them for the sake of it – connect with the person first, then write brief notes on the back of their card so that you will remember them. Ideally jot down what they need or a way you can help them.

In the next post I’ll address things that you can do when you get home from the conference. Till then…

How to Survive in Hard Economic Times

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money bagI’ve recently had a number of therapists contact me who are concerned about the effect our challenging economic situation may have on their massage business.

I believe, more than ever before, in order to have or maintain a successful business you will need to have a clearly defined specialty and learn how to really differentiate yourself from other massage therapists.

If you feel that you need help with this you might want to consider my upcoming program, 9 Weeks to More Massage Clients


In this program you will learn how to promote yourself and your massage services in a way that feels authentic and natural for you, without feeling like you are “selling”?

And best of all, you can take part right from the comfort of your home or office!

You can find out more at

Need Money to Expand Your Massage Business?

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I received an email from a massage therapist last week who was looking for some online resources that would help her decide what was the best way to approach a bank or lender for funding to help her growing her practice?

She felt that she had a solid business plan and was ready to take her business to the next level.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, a great place to start is with a bank that you already have a good relationship with. You might find someone there who would be happy to take a look at your business plan and give you some advice.

Also if you belong to any networking groups (or know someone who does) they can be a great source of educational support. One business networking group that I was a member of for a number of years regularly had a friendly bank representative there to answer members’ questions.

In addition, here are some great online resources I use:

If you are thinking of going to a bank for funding, entrepreneur magazine    has some good articles.

And here are links to all kinds of traditional and non-traditional financing.

Also check out the Small Business Administration for some great articles on getting financial assistance for your business.

What a Great Idea!

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I just returned from a wonderful conference especially for entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX called the Idea Incubator. The whole 4 days was focused around taking your ideas from concept to cash.

How many times a day to you have an idea that could bring more money into your massage business? For example, you could teach a seminar, write an eBook or develop an eCourse on a subject you know a lot about.

Or you could link from your massage website (if you have one) to other sites that have complementary products you recommend to your clients anyway, and make money on the commissions (like with

So many ideas… so little time!

Anyway, on my blog over the next few days and weeks I’ll be sharing in detail some of what I learned that applies to running a massage business. So, if you’ve ever thought that it would be nice to have some additional streams of income coming in, and you’d like to know how, do check back.

Putting All This Prosperity Stuff To The Test…

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So, I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite classics, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, which is really the science of manifesting anything you want in your life, when….

Well, let’s just say I was thrown off course by the unexpected. You see my husband had a number of surgeries recently and just prior having them I called my health insurance company to verify our coverage.

Being self-employed, we pay over $800 a month for a high-deductible “catastrophe” policy, hoping that we’d never have to use it, but knowing that it was (at least on paper) an excellent policy if we ever did need it. In almost 10 years we’ve never put it to the test as we keep ourselves pretty healthy.

So after being told that we had 100% coverage after we met our deductible, I went white when I opened the mail on Saturday to find bill after bill has been denied, and for no reason that makes any sense. It adds up to a LOT of money.

So, how do I stay positive and feel abundant when facing a mountain of unexpected medical bills? Of course I’m going to appeal it, but who needs to deal with that!

I noticed that my mind keeps wandering to the “lack” side of the fence and I have to go get it and haul it back to the reality that it is an abundant universe.

So it was somewhat comforting to read in The Science of Getting Richthis morning that…

Every person has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances. To think according to appearances is easy. To think truth regardless of appearances is laborious and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work a person has to perform.

So now I don’t feel quite so bad. It’s not just me that has trouble with this. Wattles goes on to explain that sustained and consecutive thought is the hardest work in the world. Especially when the truth it is contrary to appearances. That’s because every “appearance” creates a corresponding form in our mind. The bills certainly made an impression on my mind!!!

Yet, to create true abundance and wealth, I have to return time after time to the truth that it is an abundant universe, and that I can be, do and have what I want?

Boy, I’ve got my work cut out for me today…