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Keeping Massage Clients

Benefit of getting involved in community service projects

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Another benefit of getting involved in community service projects is that in many outreach situations (for example, offering your services at the cancer ward of your local hospital) you get to interact with other professionals such as chiropractors, nurses and doctors, physical and occupational therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists etc.

Over the years I have seen a great many long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships develop as a result of reaching out and filling a need in the community.

What need would you enjoy filling and how might it help you build your massage business?

Build Your Massage Business by Reaching Out

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Despite our diversity, human beings need community. We all need to feel loved, to connect with others, and to be touched in a respectful and caring way. This makes life worth living. Yet according to public opinion pioneer, George Gallup, Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. As massage practitioners, we can change this!

Especially during these challenging times, people need help coping with the stresses of life that tend to isolate us. As agents of change this is our time to shine as the caring professionals that we are. It’s time to step up as leaders in our community. Who else has the ability to directly impact stress and suffering the way that we do?


7 method on How You can Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

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My friend Lori Hill ( speaks frequently about greening your business operations and personal life. She recently wrote this article on how to market your massage business as a green company. I thought you’d enjoy it.

How to Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

Research is showing that more and more savvy consumers want to do business with green companies. This is especially true for massage clients and prospective clients who are naturally already inclined towards healthy living.

So, if you have a green business, or plan to go green, below are tips for marketing your business as an organization that practices and believes in sustainability.

1. Join Green Business Organizations 
There are many green  business organizations that you can join that can not only help you learn to be more sustainable in your business practices, but also assist you in marketing your business as a green entity.  If you become a member of any green business organization, be sure to list this on your web site.

Green America’s Green Business Network –
This provides the networks, resources, and technical assistance needed for socially and environmentally responsible businesses to emerge and thrive in communities across the United States.  All members must complete an extensive application process.  Once approved, you must pay an annual fee to maintain your membership.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) –
BALLE has a network of chapters all across the United States and Canada.  Many have special programs as well as monthly meetings with speakers.  There are individual and business memberships available.

2. List Your Green Initiatives on Your Web Site
Outline your green office procedures as well as other green practices you engage in during the course of business.  A potential client may pick you over the competition because you share their values.

3. Announce Your Green Initiatives and Services in Your e-Zine or Blog
Let your clients know that you have gone green and how you’ve gone green.  It may increase their loyalty to you and give them a reason to spread the word that you are a sustainable massage business. You may also inspire them to act on green initiatives they hadn’t thought of.

4. Say It In Your Tag Line
Incorporate your sustainability beliefs into your tag line.  For example, BP uses Beyond Petroleum.  Incorporate this into your logo, business cards, invoices and the greeting in your voice mail.  This will let your clients and potential clients know that you are serious about sustainability.

5. Practice What You Preach and Boast Whenever You Can
To avoid being accused of “green washing”, your actions need to match your mission.  Don’t engage in wasteful practices that will make others question your sincerity.

On the other hand, if your business cards and company stationery are printed on recycled paper with soy based ink, be sure to indicate this on those documents.  Not only will this raise awareness about what your company believes in, but it may also inspire others to go green the next time they have a print job.

6. Educate Your Fellow Professionals and Other Local Business Owners
Volunteer to speak to fellow professionals and local business owners about how you have gone green in your business.  This will help educate your colleagues and associates and give you more credibility and visibility as an expert in this area.

7. Give Back to Mother Earth
Donate 1% of Your Sales to 1% for the Planet –  This is an alliance of 1,079 companies worldwide that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 1,717 environmental organizations worldwide.

Become an Activist/Volunteer in the Community
March to the White House or your state capitol, attend environmental rallies, clean up a stream, plant trees or send letters to your legislators and then write about it in your blog and e-Zine.  This will raise awareness about an issue you care about and let your clients know that you are sincere about your mission to be green.

No-Cost Strategies to Give Your Massage Business a Boost! Part 2

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So what can you do to maintain a positive attitude, even though (and in fact, in spite of the fact that) you are also feeling the effects of a down economy?

First and foremost it’s more important now than ever before to take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, healthy food, regular massage, and whatever else you need to stay on top of your game. It’s hard to stay optimistic when you feel tired and run-down.

Also be aware of getting into patterns of negative self talk, and see if you can turn it around. We are often our own greatest saboteurs

No-Cost Strategies to Give Your Massage Business a Boost! Part 1

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Many massage practitioners are concerned about their client base dwindling as a result of the current economic situation. Are you one of them?

Other therapists are as busy, or busier, than they’ve ever been. And it’s not that they are necessarily better therapists. But they have learned a secret or two that I’d like to share with you today.

It all begins with attitude. As the saying goes, “Whether you think you can build and maintain a thriving business in the current economy or whether you think you can’t – you are right!”

The renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D discovered that agents at a major life insurance company who expected a positive outcome outsold agents who had a negative perspective by a whopping 37%. And even agents who failed the industry entrance exam but were optimistic about selling insurance policies outsold the average agent by 10-15%!

What can we learn from this?  What I’ve found is that the massage therapists that are client magnets aren’t spending a lot of time worrying about the economy. In fact, they understand that their services are needed now more than ever before.

Instead of agreeing with their clients about how bad things are, they have an infectious sense of optimism – a deep well that their clients can drink from so that they leave refreshed and ready to face the world anew.
And right now people find that very attractive.

Thinking about Attending a Massage Conference? Part 1

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Attending a massage conference (or other type of educational conference) is a big commitment of time, energy and money and yet it can be extremely rewarding.

Massage conferences can be a fantastic place to get fresh ideas for your massage business, meet therapists from other areas, and get renewed and re-energized.

Here are some things that you can do before, during and after a conference to maximize your investment and make sure you get the most out of it.

Before the Conference:

1. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish in the next year. For example, you could decide to increase your massage income by 25% by getting and keeping more clients. Then go through the list of available workshops, with your specific goals for the upcoming year in mind, and choose the ones that best fit your needs.

2. Create a list of questions or specific things you want to learn from each speaker.

3. Find a buddy to attend the conference with. In addition to keeping you accountable (more on that later), they may also help you save on travel costs.

4. Decide ahead of time what your budget will be so you can take advantage of the vendors’ conference specials without breaking the bank.

5. Make sure you have a good supply of business cards that clearly state the type of massage you do and your target market if you have one.

Next post I’ll give you some ideas on things to do at the conference.

Last Minute Holiday Certificate Sales

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We just got a call from a client who wanted to buy some massage gift certificates, but she needed them right away.

So we emailed her, and attached a file for a gift certificate that she could simply print right from her own computer.

You could do this too. It is not too late to make money from gift certificate sales. There are many folks out there stuck with ideas for last minute gifts.

If you don’t already have a digital certificate, here is one that you can use. Simply download it to a file on your computer, and then it is ready to attach to an email. Make sure the person who purchases it knows to fill out any information needed (ie the number to call to schedule, the expiration date if that applies to you).

As for payment, the simplest way is for them to pay you by credit card if you accept them. If it is a regular client you trust, you can also have them mail you a check. If you like, you can tell them the certificate won’t be “activated” until you receive payment.

You could also print these out yourself to use in your practice. So, if you are looking for some last minute, attractive, inexpensive (free!!! – other that the paper to print them out) massage Christmas gift certificates that then look no further. Here you are. My gift to you. Free Massage Christmas Gift Certificates. Enjoy.

Massage Promotion and the Yellow Pages

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I’m melting, I’m melting…….. I just got a wonderful massage from therapist extraordinaire, Elizabeth (Beth) Brown (no relation). Thanks Beth!

Isn’t it odd that in a small sized place like Bellingham, Washington there could be two therapists with the exact same name. So to avoid confusion she goes by Beth Brown and I by Elizabeth Fletcher Brown. But there is still confusion. Good job we are friends and are happy to communicate when someone calls the “wrong” Elizabeth Brown LMP.

But what it has made me notice is how many clients use the yellow pages to find me when they need to change, cancel or schedule an appointment and they don’t have a biz card on hand.

You see, Beth has a listing in the “banana pages” and I do not as I have scaled down my practice to devote time to building
The Massage Business Center, and am accepting massage clients by referral only. So I didn’t think it a neccessary investment.

But sooooo many of my clients simply pick up the yellow pages, see “Elizabeth Brown LMP” and call Beth thinking they are calling me. Of course, the accent always gives it away (if you haven’t heard me speak I have a bit of a Scottish Brogue).

Anyway, I still wouldn’t choose the yellow pages as my only source of “getting the word out” about my massage practice. I think that is where a lot of therapists get stuck. But if you have an established practice, an ad in the banana pages might be a good thing to consider adding to your “massage marketing mix”. In addition to general visibility, it will make it easier for existing clients to find you.

Another Truth About December

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Want to know another truth about December”? Did you know that some of the BEST connections are made at this time of the year?

How so?

Well during the holidays you will find that many professionals, for example chiropractors and MDs are in their offices taking advantage of the holiday lull to catch up on things. And very often they will answer their own phone.

So if there is someone in your area that could potentially be a great business contact or referral partner, but who you’ve had a hard time reaching, give them a try over the holidays. Less folks will be vying for their attention and you might just make a connection that could propel you into having a great 2007.

The Truth About December

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Did you know that most massage therapists (in fact most professionals) slack off building their business during the holiday season? They recon it is a bad time to focus on business growth and decide to kick back and wait until after the holidays are over to do any marketing.

But I was recently on a phone call with Michael Port (who wrote the fabulous book, Book Yourself Solid) and he pointed out the truth about December… people are in a buying mode.

And they are looking for things to buy. So don’t be shy about letting your clients, colleagues, friends and family know about your massage products and gift certificates. And if you don’t have any massage gift certificates handy, download some for free here.

So don’t give up on December. It’s not too late to make it your best month yet of 2006!