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Build Your Massage Business by Reaching Out

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Despite our diversity, human beings need community. We all need to feel loved, to connect with others, and to be touched in a respectful and caring way. This makes life worth living. Yet according to public opinion pioneer, George Gallup, Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. As massage practitioners, we can change this!

Especially during these challenging times, people need help coping with the stresses of life that tend to isolate us. As agents of change this is our time to shine as the caring professionals that we are. It’s time to step up as leaders in our community. Who else has the ability to directly impact stress and suffering the way that we do?


7 method on How You can Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

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My friend Lori Hill ( speaks frequently about greening your business operations and personal life. She recently wrote this article on how to market your massage business as a green company. I thought you’d enjoy it.

How to Market Your Massage Business as a Green Company By Lori Hill

Research is showing that more and more savvy consumers want to do business with green companies. This is especially true for massage clients and prospective clients who are naturally already inclined towards healthy living.

So, if you have a green business, or plan to go green, below are tips for marketing your business as an organization that practices and believes in sustainability.

1. Join Green Business Organizations 
There are many green  business organizations that you can join that can not only help you learn to be more sustainable in your business practices, but also assist you in marketing your business as a green entity.  If you become a member of any green business organization, be sure to list this on your web site.

Green America’s Green Business Network –
This provides the networks, resources, and technical assistance needed for socially and environmentally responsible businesses to emerge and thrive in communities across the United States.  All members must complete an extensive application process.  Once approved, you must pay an annual fee to maintain your membership.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) –
BALLE has a network of chapters all across the United States and Canada.  Many have special programs as well as monthly meetings with speakers.  There are individual and business memberships available.

2. List Your Green Initiatives on Your Web Site
Outline your green office procedures as well as other green practices you engage in during the course of business.  A potential client may pick you over the competition because you share their values.

3. Announce Your Green Initiatives and Services in Your e-Zine or Blog
Let your clients know that you have gone green and how you’ve gone green.  It may increase their loyalty to you and give them a reason to spread the word that you are a sustainable massage business. You may also inspire them to act on green initiatives they hadn’t thought of.

4. Say It In Your Tag Line
Incorporate your sustainability beliefs into your tag line.  For example, BP uses Beyond Petroleum.  Incorporate this into your logo, business cards, invoices and the greeting in your voice mail.  This will let your clients and potential clients know that you are serious about sustainability.

5. Practice What You Preach and Boast Whenever You Can
To avoid being accused of “green washing”, your actions need to match your mission.  Don’t engage in wasteful practices that will make others question your sincerity.

On the other hand, if your business cards and company stationery are printed on recycled paper with soy based ink, be sure to indicate this on those documents.  Not only will this raise awareness about what your company believes in, but it may also inspire others to go green the next time they have a print job.

6. Educate Your Fellow Professionals and Other Local Business Owners
Volunteer to speak to fellow professionals and local business owners about how you have gone green in your business.  This will help educate your colleagues and associates and give you more credibility and visibility as an expert in this area.

7. Give Back to Mother Earth
Donate 1% of Your Sales to 1% for the Planet –  This is an alliance of 1,079 companies worldwide that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 1,717 environmental organizations worldwide.

Become an Activist/Volunteer in the Community
March to the White House or your state capitol, attend environmental rallies, clean up a stream, plant trees or send letters to your legislators and then write about it in your blog and e-Zine.  This will raise awareness about an issue you care about and let your clients know that you are sincere about your mission to be green.

Buying an Electric Massage Table?: Watch Out For Hidden Shipping Costs

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Massage_table_unloading.jpgWhen I was shopping around online for my electric massage table I was surprised to see that there was quite a variance on price when it came to shipping and handling costs.

These tables are heavy, (as you can see it took two guys and a trolley to move it) and so the shipping costs can be considerable. There was one vendor that I was considering buying my table from as they had it listed for a little bit less than competing sites.

But their web site said that after I placed my order I would be contacted by a representative and told the shipping method and cost.

That seemed a little dodgy to me so instead I called the company before I ordered. Good thing too – the amount they wanted to add for shipping was very high.

I did a bit more research and found my table at another site where the actual table was a little more expensive, but they were running a special and the shipping was FREE!

That saved me a couple hundred dollars! So if you are looking for an electric massage table do shop around and look for special packages.

By the way, my dog JJ wasn’t too excited about the new table, but he LOVED the box.


Do You Like Flat ot Tilted? buying an electric massage table

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everest_flat_250.jpgIf you are thinking about buying an electric massage table, do remember that some tables are flat, just like a traditional massage table, where the whole table lifts up in one piece.

callistoga_massage_table_250.jpgBut others have the additional flexibility of moving in sections, so that you can position the client even more precisely.

Our last electric table had three sections that moved independently, which was really nice.

But the massage table that we really liked this time around (as it matched all of our other criteria) only came with two options. We could get it flat, or with a tilt option.

Earthlite_Everest_Tilt_250.jpgWe didn’t know if we would use the tilt feature that much, but as the difference in price was minimal (all things considered) we chose the tilt option as it allowed us to position the client anywhere from slightly elevated to a full seated position.

As it turns out, I’m so glad we made that choice because we use the tilt feature quite a lot. It’s especially great for when a client is congested, or is uncomfortable for any reason lying flat.

I’d highly recommend that you consider a similar option if you are going to invest in an electric table too.

More Considerations When Buying An Electric Lift Massage Table

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earthlite_ellora_.jpgAs with any massage table purchase, you’ll want to consider the amount of leg room you prefer. For example, my husband does a lot of Cranial Sacral Therapy and energy work from a seated position. So leg room is an important consideration for him.

However, unlike portable massage tables, hydraulic or electric lift tables sometimes have the motor boxed in under the table in a way that reduces leg room considerably. We knew this would not work for us.

Other electric tables have legs that cross in a way that could also restrict your choice of positions when working on a client. For example, sitting at the side of the table could be a challenge.

So if leg room is a factor for you too, do choose your new electric table carefully.

Electric Massage Table Controls: One Set or Two?

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Some electric lift massage tables come with hand controls, some with foot controls and some with the option of both.

When I was researching tables I didn’t think I would use hand controls, so in the end I chose a table that shipped with one set of foot pedals. My last electric table had two sets of foot pedals, one for each end of the table (or each side if you prefer).

I decided to try it with just the one set, but I made sure before I bought my table that I could add an extra set later if I wanted to.

What I found was that I really missed the second set. The pedals somehow always ended on the other side of the table when I needed them.

So I ordered an extra set of foot controls (if you do this, don’t forget the “splitter” that lets you plug both sets into the motor unit) and I am so glad I did.

I do recommend you get two sets of controls. When you are spending this much money anyway, it’s well worth a bit extra to make your life so much easier.

Choosing an Electric Massage Table: How Low Can You Go?

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When thinking about buying any new massage table there are always many decisions to make. You’ll want to consider things such as the table width and length, the thickness of the foam, the color and texture of the fabric, the weight capacity of the table, whether you want round or square corners, what brand you may have a preference for, and which optional accessories you may need.

However, there are additional considerations that are unique to buying an electric lift table. One of the first things you’ll have to decide upon is how low to the ground and how high up you would like the table to go.

For my husband and I, it was more important for the type of work that we do that the table went as low to the floor as possible. It mattered less how high, as long as it had about a 12 inch height range (which is the difference between the lowest and the highest setting).

I found that some tables had more range of movement and some less, but 12 inches seems to be about average.

So think about your clients (do they need a lot of help getting on and off the table, in which case one that goes lower to the floor may be better) and the type of massage that you do (for example, if you do a lot of work standing, make sure you choose a table that lifts up high enough).

So be sure to look for a hydraulic table that meets your height requirements.

But that’s just the first thing… more to come.

Hiring the Right Therapists

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I recently received an email from a therapist who was opening a massage clinic specializing in injury treatment and wanted to know how to tell if his prospective therapists had sufficient training. Of course he could look at their resume, but that doesn’t show the whole picture.

As far as their skill level, nothing beats experiencing the work of your prospective therapists for yourself. That will tell you a lot, and not JUST about their massage skills. You will also get to see them in action and decide if their manner and personality syle fits the mood of your clinic.

It is also a good idea to encourage your new therapists to continue to hone their skills. One way I have seen to be effective is to have massage DVDs available for them in-house to watch and encourage them to buddy with a colleague to practice.

However, an even better way is to offer a set amount of money annually to each therapist for continuing education. You could do this based on the average number of sessions they provide, how long they have worked for you, or some other way that you choose. Not only will this keep their skills sharp, but it is a great incentive to keep good therapists.

And remember, the reputation of your clinic or day spa rests to a great extent on the skill, expertise and manner of your therapists, so investing in them is money well spent.