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No-Cost Strategies to Give Your Massage Business a Boost! Part 3

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Another secret is that the massage therapists who are currently thriving understand the law of reciprocity and exchange. Simply put, when you do something good for someone, they naturally want to do something good for you.

In fact, the Law of Psychological Reciprocity states that when we give, not only do we get back, but the return is exponentially greater than our initial investment.

So what if, instead of dwelling on scarcity, we got out into our communities to see what we could do for others. Remember, business building and relationship building are one and the same.

Your business success depends not only on enough people liking you and your services so that they return over and over again, but also on them telling other people how much they like you over and over again, too.

As massage practitioners we tend to have an altruistic streak in us to begin with, but what if we were a little more strategic about our giving?  In other words, what individuals or organizations in your neighborhood could help you if you did something nice for them?

For example, I once volunteered to help build a house (think Habitat for Humanity) with a bunch of other well-meaning folks, most of whom were not used to physical work. When the word got out that I was a massage therapist, guess who they came to when their muscles were aching? I also got TONS of referrals. Folks like to help those who help others.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean giving away massage. Think of the other resources you have that may be valuable to someone else. You might have a connection, or information that could really benefit another professional. It could be as simple as sending an article to someone, or letting them know of a book you read that would interest them.

So these are some things that you can do to build your business in a down economy.  And the best part is…they cost nothing!

No-Cost Strategies to Give Your Massage Business a Boost! Part 2

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So what can you do to maintain a positive attitude, even though (and in fact, in spite of the fact that) you are also feeling the effects of a down economy?

First and foremost it’s more important now than ever before to take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, healthy food, regular massage, and whatever else you need to stay on top of your game. It’s hard to stay optimistic when you feel tired and run-down.

Also be aware of getting into patterns of negative self talk, and see if you can turn it around. We are often our own greatest saboteurs

No-Cost Strategies to Give Your Massage Business a Boost! Part 1

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Many massage practitioners are concerned about their client base dwindling as a result of the current economic situation. Are you one of them?

Other therapists are as busy, or busier, than they’ve ever been. And it’s not that they are necessarily better therapists. But they have learned a secret or two that I’d like to share with you today.

It all begins with attitude. As the saying goes, “Whether you think you can build and maintain a thriving business in the current economy or whether you think you can’t – you are right!”

The renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D discovered that agents at a major life insurance company who expected a positive outcome outsold agents who had a negative perspective by a whopping 37%. And even agents who failed the industry entrance exam but were optimistic about selling insurance policies outsold the average agent by 10-15%!

What can we learn from this?  What I’ve found is that the massage therapists that are client magnets aren’t spending a lot of time worrying about the economy. In fact, they understand that their services are needed now more than ever before.

Instead of agreeing with their clients about how bad things are, they have an infectious sense of optimism – a deep well that their clients can drink from so that they leave refreshed and ready to face the world anew.
And right now people find that very attractive.