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Buying an Electric Massage Table?: Watch Out For Hidden Shipping Costs

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Massage_table_unloading.jpgWhen I was shopping around online for my electric massage table I was surprised to see that there was quite a variance on price when it came to shipping and handling costs.

These tables are heavy, (as you can see it took two guys and a trolley to move it) and so the shipping costs can be considerable. There was one vendor that I was considering buying my table from as they had it listed for a little bit less than competing sites.

But their web site said that after I placed my order I would be contacted by a representative and told the shipping method and cost.

That seemed a little dodgy to me so instead I called the company before I ordered. Good thing too – the amount they wanted to add for shipping was very high.

I did a bit more research and found my table at another site where the actual table was a little more expensive, but they were running a special and the shipping was FREE!

That saved me a couple hundred dollars! So if you are looking for an electric massage table do shop around and look for special packages.

By the way, my dog JJ wasn’t too excited about the new table, but he LOVED the box.


Do You Like Flat ot Tilted? buying an electric massage table

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everest_flat_250.jpgIf you are thinking about buying an electric massage table, do remember that some tables are flat, just like a traditional massage table, where the whole table lifts up in one piece.

callistoga_massage_table_250.jpgBut others have the additional flexibility of moving in sections, so that you can position the client even more precisely.

Our last electric table had three sections that moved independently, which was really nice.

But the massage table that we really liked this time around (as it matched all of our other criteria) only came with two options. We could get it flat, or with a tilt option.

Earthlite_Everest_Tilt_250.jpgWe didn’t know if we would use the tilt feature that much, but as the difference in price was minimal (all things considered) we chose the tilt option as it allowed us to position the client anywhere from slightly elevated to a full seated position.

As it turns out, I’m so glad we made that choice because we use the tilt feature quite a lot. It’s especially great for when a client is congested, or is uncomfortable for any reason lying flat.

I’d highly recommend that you consider a similar option if you are going to invest in an electric table too.

More Considerations When Buying An Electric Lift Massage Table

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earthlite_ellora_.jpgAs with any massage table purchase, you’ll want to consider the amount of leg room you prefer. For example, my husband does a lot of Cranial Sacral Therapy and energy work from a seated position. So leg room is an important consideration for him.

However, unlike portable massage tables, hydraulic or electric lift tables sometimes have the motor boxed in under the table in a way that reduces leg room considerably. We knew this would not work for us.

Other electric tables have legs that cross in a way that could also restrict your choice of positions when working on a client. For example, sitting at the side of the table could be a challenge.

So if leg room is a factor for you too, do choose your new electric table carefully.