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Electric Massage Table Warranty

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We are having trouble with one of the foot controls of our new electric massage table. Luckily it came with a good warranty.

A good warranty is much more of an issue with an electric table than a portable one because in addition to the frame, the vinyl and the foam, you also have the motor and controls to consider. And they can be expensive to replace.

So if you are shopping around for a power massage table, remember, a good warranty is worth paying for.

Are You Ready to Get More Massage Clients by Creating Exciting Partnerships

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So, would you like to get more massage clients by creating exciting partnerships with other professionals and businesses in your community?

There are endless possibilities for great partnerships. However it’s a lot easier to pick those key referral partners when you’re crystal clear about who your target market is, and how you serve that market in a unique way.

Your ideal partner will have the same target market as you, but offer different but complimentary services or products to your own.

However, if you haven’t defined your niche yet, don’t let that stop you. My first alliance was with a chiropractor when I was straight out of massage school. It worked because he liked my work, he knew I had great training, our services were complimentary, and he was the kind of guy that when he suggested something, his patients really listened.

In exchange for use of a treatment room in his clinic and as many referrals as I could handle, I worked for him a few hours a week, massaging patients prior to adjustments. In addition to having a thriving practice in no time at all, he became my mentor, and I learned a lot from him about how to run a successful business.

So don’t let lack of experience stop you. But do approach the potential partners in your community in a professional manner. I will be writing more about how to do that in upcoming posts, so do pop back!