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Referral Partnerships – What’s In It For Them?

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handshake_border_150by100.jpgI recently wrote about the advantages of creating relationships with key referral partners to build your massage business.

But why would a potential partner want to send you referrals in the first place? What’s in it for them?

The obvious answer is that you could refer your clients back to them. But what if you currently don’t have a large client base or are just getting started in your business?

Well, there are many other benefits that you could offer your potential partner. Here are just some of them:

  • They are seen as holistic for referring to massage.
  • It helps them build good rapport with their clients.
  • You can offer them and their staff (or family) massage.
  • You can make their work easier (in the case of, for example, a chiropractor or dentist).

If you have thought of others, hit the “comments” link below and please let us know.

How to Survive in Hard Economic Times

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money bagI’ve recently had a number of therapists contact me who are concerned about the effect our challenging economic situation may have on their massage business.

I believe, more than ever before, in order to have or maintain a successful business you will need to have a clearly defined specialty and learn how to really differentiate yourself from other massage therapists.

If you feel that you need help with this you might want to consider my upcoming program, 9 Weeks to More Massage Clients


In this program you will learn how to promote yourself and your massage services in a way that feels authentic and natural for you, without feeling like you are “selling”?

And best of all, you can take part right from the comfort of your home or office!

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Passion and Purpose are the Keys to Massage Success

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I am really enjoying being here in Seattle where I am speaking for a few days at the AMTA-WA annual convention. This year the theme is Passion and Purpose as the keys to massage success.

What part does Passion and Purpose play in your massage business? Hit the comment link below and let me know.

In the coming weeks I hope to interview the other convention speakers for this blog. Meanwhile, I’m off to give one of my presentations…

Hi from the AMTA Convention in Seattle

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I’m in Seattle where I’ll be speaking for the next few days at the Washington State American Massage Therapy Association’s Annual Convention.

I can tell I am in Seattle because, whereas hotels in most cities offer robes in the room, in Seattle you get….. an umbrella!


More convention updates to come.