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Do You Have an Electric Massage Table?

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I’m shopping around for a new hydralic massage table. My husband and I had one in our practice in Hawaii and it made a HUGE difference in the wear and tear on our bodies. But that was some time ago and there are many more options now available.

We are looking for one that is quiet, and that has plenty of leg room at the head of the table.

If you have one that you just love (or don’t like) please hit the comments link and tell me what you do or don’t like about it.

Here are the ones we are looking at:

This one is an Oakworks ProLuxe Seville.

This is an Earthlite Everest Hydralic Electric Lift. We are leaning towards this one.

This is a Custom Craftworks Pedestal Lift.

Also, has anyone ever ordered anything from
They seem to have good prices on massage tables and supplies.

Thanks for your feedback…

Last Minute Holiday Certificate Sales

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We just got a call from a client who wanted to buy some massage gift certificates, but she needed them right away.

So we emailed her, and attached a file for a gift certificate that she could simply print right from her own computer.

You could do this too. It is not too late to make money from gift certificate sales. There are many folks out there stuck with ideas for last minute gifts.

If you don’t already have a digital certificate, here is one that you can use. Simply download it to a file on your computer, and then it is ready to attach to an email. Make sure the person who purchases it knows to fill out any information needed (ie the number to call to schedule, the expiration date if that applies to you).

As for payment, the simplest way is for them to pay you by credit card if you accept them. If it is a regular client you trust, you can also have them mail you a check. If you like, you can tell them the certificate won’t be “activated” until you receive payment.

You could also print these out yourself to use in your practice. So, if you are looking for some last minute, attractive, inexpensive (free!!! – other that the paper to print them out) massage Christmas gift certificates that then look no further. Here you are. My gift to you. Free Massage Christmas Gift Certificates. Enjoy.