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The Myth of Motivation

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I was reading an article by Ken Keis of Consulting Resource Group on The Myth of Motivation and he made a comment I found interesting. He said:

The pursuit of our interests requires no motivation because we enjoy doing them. Interests compel us; to compel means to be pulled or attracted. That precludes the need for motivation. We require motivation only for things that do not interest us. If we need motivation, we must question why we do.

Now, I’m sure that doesn’t mean that we will love every aspect of building a successful massage business. I for one am not a big fan of bookkeeping. But I think it’s true that it is really hard to motivate yourself to do something that you just don’t enjoy.

So if you find you are having a hard time marketing your massage business, maybe take a look at what you are doing. For example, I had a client who was trying unsuccessfully to build her business by public speaking as she had heard that was a great way to get massage clients. And it is! But she hated it (and it was definitely not one of her natural talents).

But it turned out she really enjoyed writing AND she had a real knack for it. So I suggested she focus her marketing efforts on writing articles in local publications instead. And her massage business really took off.

So, if you find you are having a hard time motivating yourself as you build your business, look at what you are doing, and see if there is another approach that includes things that you really enjoy. Then motivation will no longer be an issue.

Sink Hole De Mayo!!!

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Or… when life gives you lemons…

A couple of days ago in a busy neighborhood in Seattle a water main broke, causing a LARGE sink hole that completely swallowed two cars that had been unfortunately parked at that particular spot.

The construction crews came and blocked off the area making access to a local restaurant just about impossible. The restaurant had been planning a Cinco De Mayo party this weekend, but instead it was deserted.

Most would have just given up, but not this restaurant. Taking full advantage of all the media attention, they posted a large sign that said SINK HOLE DE MAYO!!!!! Now that’s a sense of humor!

The restaurant still may not have had any customers for a few days, but they were featured on just about every local news station, which can’t be bad for future business. What a great way to get free publicity!

So, when life gives you lemons, what do you do?

Looking for Inexpensive Ways to Get More Massage Clients?

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Today on Massage Success Radio I interviewed massage therapist Luata Bray from Seattle, WA .

We talked about:

  • The primary way she gets new massage clients.
  • How she built her “sphere of influence”.
  • “The Front Desk Policy” and how she used it to get a client that stayed for 8 years.
  • Using complimentary massages to build your business.
  • Things that a therapist can do to get more clients that don’t cost a lot of money.

You won’t want to miss it so pop on over to Massage Success Radio and have a listen.