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Why Are So Many Talented Massage Therapists Struggling?

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What first got me interested in creating The Massage Business Center and then this blog was that I noticed that when massage therapists came to me for coaching help with their businesses, the ones having the hardest time were often the MOST skilled at massage.

And yet therapists less than a year out of school were coming to me for advice on expanding their business and bringing in other therapists to deal with their overflow of clients! What was happening here? How could so many talented therapists be struggling financially while “newbies” had more clients than they could handle?

According to Wallace D. Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich, to create wealth it’s not so much what we do, but that we do things in a certain way…. “And furthermore, the ability to do things in this certain way is not due solely to the possession of talent, because many people who have great talent remain poor, while others who have very little talent get rich”.

Isn’t that crazy, but so true?

And another thing I noticed in my own business is that one week I’d do some promotional activities in the hope of getting new clients and nothing would happen. The next week I’d do the exact same things and have my phone ringing off the hook. Has that ever happened to you?

The Secret on Oprah

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After talking about the movie, The Secret and the classic book The Science of Getting Rich (which was the inspiration for the movie) on my blog for so long, it was fun to see the reaction that the movie got on Oprah this past week. Did you see the show?

So many people were inspired to make huge transformations in the the way they think (and hence the results in their lives) because of this movie.

I know that it is easy to feel disempowered in our lives and wonder why bother when there is so much suffering. And yet one women and her dream of sharing what she called The Secret (which is simply the Law of Attraction) has made such a huge difference in a great many people’s lives.

It reminded me to NEVER doubt the impact that one single person can have in this world.

If you had a message to share with the world, what would it be?

Have Fun, Make Money, Do Good!

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Elizabeth Fletcher Brown at Podcast Summit

My friend, Shawn (left) and I at the Fun Money Good Podcast Summit
I just returned from Chico, California. I was there for a blogging and podcasting seminar facilitated by Jody Colvard and Declan Dunn of the Fun Money Good Network (for folks who want to have fun and make money, while doing good in the world).

I met some wonderful and talented people there, and plan on sharing their expertise with you by interviewing some of them for Massage Success Radio.

I also learned lots about blogging and podcasting, so that I can continue to bring you the best resources to help you build your massage business.

And I had lots of fun…