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Massage Promotion and the Yellow Pages

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I’m melting, I’m melting…….. I just got a wonderful massage from therapist extraordinaire, Elizabeth (Beth) Brown (no relation). Thanks Beth!

Isn’t it odd that in a small sized place like Bellingham, Washington there could be two therapists with the exact same name. So to avoid confusion she goes by Beth Brown and I by Elizabeth Fletcher Brown. But there is still confusion. Good job we are friends and are happy to communicate when someone calls the “wrong” Elizabeth Brown LMP.

But what it has made me notice is how many clients use the yellow pages to find me when they need to change, cancel or schedule an appointment and they don’t have a biz card on hand.

You see, Beth has a listing in the “banana pages” and I do not as I have scaled down my practice to devote time to building
The Massage Business Center, and am accepting massage clients by referral only. So I didn’t think it a neccessary investment.

But sooooo many of my clients simply pick up the yellow pages, see “Elizabeth Brown LMP” and call Beth thinking they are calling me. Of course, the accent always gives it away (if you haven’t heard me speak I have a bit of a Scottish Brogue).

Anyway, I still wouldn’t choose the yellow pages as my only source of “getting the word out” about my massage practice. I think that is where a lot of therapists get stuck. But if you have an established practice, an ad in the banana pages might be a good thing to consider adding to your “massage marketing mix”. In addition to general visibility, it will make it easier for existing clients to find you.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Gift Certificates to Go

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My husband’s massage practice is mostly made up of busy professionals and executives. So one year, in early December we sent a letter to all of his regular clients with 3 lovely gift certificates.

He explained in the letter that he wanted to alleviate some of their holiday stress. So if there was someone on their holiday list that they did not have a gift for yet, all they had to do was call us with their credit card information (or mail a check) and give us the certificate numbers and we would instantly “activate” them. Then, the certificates were ready to be put under the Christmas tree or popped in the mail. What could be easier?

We followed up with a brief reminder call to anyone who hadn’t used them a week before Christmas, incase they just forgot about them. A few clients who had been procrastinating about gifts were really glad we called, and we sold quite a few more.

And in addition to selling a record number of certificates, his clients really appreciated that we made their lives a bit easier during the holiday season. A win-win situation for us all (not to mention the happy recipients!).

Don’t forget to download your free massage gift certificates. Enjoy.

Another Truth About December

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Want to know another truth about December”? Did you know that some of the BEST connections are made at this time of the year?

How so?

Well during the holidays you will find that many professionals, for example chiropractors and MDs are in their offices taking advantage of the holiday lull to catch up on things. And very often they will answer their own phone.

So if there is someone in your area that could potentially be a great business contact or referral partner, but who you’ve had a hard time reaching, give them a try over the holidays. Less folks will be vying for their attention and you might just make a connection that could propel you into having a great 2007.

The Truth About December

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Did you know that most massage therapists (in fact most professionals) slack off building their business during the holiday season? They recon it is a bad time to focus on business growth and decide to kick back and wait until after the holidays are over to do any marketing.

But I was recently on a phone call with Michael Port (who wrote the fabulous book, Book Yourself Solid) and he pointed out the truth about December… people are in a buying mode.

And they are looking for things to buy. So don’t be shy about letting your clients, colleagues, friends and family know about your massage products and gift certificates. And if you don’t have any massage gift certificates handy, download some for free here.

So don’t give up on December. It’s not too late to make it your best month yet of 2006!

Massage Gift Certificate Success! – How Did She Do It?

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I posted this last December, but it was so good….. here it is again.

Last December, a massage therapist who was taking part in my Massage Marketing Marathon program, set the intension to sell 30 Christmas gift certificates. That was more than she had ever sold before (by far) and in fact more than she had sold in the entire previous year. But not only that… she had fun doing it. And in the process she completely shifted her attitude about “selling” to one where she is so much more comfortable promoting her services and products.

Want to find out how Beth Brown, Licensed Massage Practitioner of Bellingham, Washington did it? Then click below to listen (or “right click” the MP3 link to download to your computer). Way to go Beth!

Free Massage Christmas Gift Certificates

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It’s that time of the year again. The snow is on the ground, the houses are decorated, Christmas songs are in abundance on the radio, the stores are crowded….. and our clients are looking for meaningful gifts for their family and friends.

And you have the answer – a beautiful, relaxing, de-stressing massage. Now who wouldn’t want that under the Christmas tree?

If you are looking for attractive, inexpensive (free!!! – other that the paper to print them out) massage Christmas gift certificates, then look no further. Here you are. My gift to you. Free Massage Christmas Gift Certificates. Enjoy.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Massage?

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We recently got dumped on with a foot-and-a-half of snow at my house. It was cold enough to freeze my dog’s whiskers to his face. And yesterday was the first day in a week that I could get out of my driveway (I live at the top of a very steep hill).

And when I did get into town, I ran into a colleague at the post office. She told me that she had to reschedule ALL of her massage clients for the entire week because of the weather. It reminded me of when I was 100% dependent on my massage client income for my livelihood.

But now I make money from a variety of sources, some of them pretty much passive. For example, I have written a number of programs to help other massage therapists build successful practices. Once the initial work of writing the program is done, I continue to make money each time someone buys it.

I have spoken to other massage therapists who have written e-books for their target market, or on a specialized subject, such as proper stretching techniques. Some therapists teach teleclasses or live workshops. Many have websites that promote a variety of products through affiliate links (where they don’t actually stock and sell the products – but they refer folks to a website like and make a commission on any sales made).

So I was wondering how many other therapists have found interesting ways to make additional massage income streams that don’t depend on them doing hands-on work, or that maybe are even completely passive (in that you do the work once, and continue to make money).

If that’s you, please hit the comments link below and let us know what you’ve done. We’d love to hear from you.