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Niche Market Success

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The headline in a local business journal recently said, “Pressure Washers Find Open Niche”. Seemingly a pressure washing company new to town decided to specialize in cleaning restaurant hoods. And business was booming.

The owner said, “There’s no competition here. Business has been non-stop. Every day has been better and better.”

Now, do you think there is no competition because they are the only pressure washing company in town? Heck no!

There is no competition because they did their homework and found a unique niche market that nobody else was serving.

So I was wondering…. what could we, as massage therapists, learn from the pressure washers?

The Season of Reflection

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I was reading an email newsletter from a colleague I very much admire yesterday and was surprised to discover that he was in a place of really questioning the direction of his business. And here I thought that he of all people really had his s_ _ t together.

It gave me permission to realize that I am in a similar place. I have just had a very busy spell, with my nose really IN my business; in all the day-to-day activities essential to keep moving forward. Or so I thought. But have I wandered off course? Is my “course” still one that really matters to me? One that feeds my soul?

Today as I sit captive in my home office, with a foot-and-a-half of snow around my house and sub zero temperatures outside, there is nowhere to go.

Sure, with primarily an internet and phone based business I could go full steam ahead. But I don’t feel like it. Instead I am being called inward. I want to use this time to reflect on my personal and professional life, on my values and life direction, and to think about what I want to accomplish in 2007.

Yes, for me it is the Season of Reflection. What about you?

Free Massage Insurance Billing Information

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Julie of recently commented on a previous post on insurance billing for massage therapy. She has some free resources on her website that I wanted to share with you. You have to click around a bit to find the free manual, and be wiling to sort through a bunch of ads. If you want to bypass the ads you can make a donation and get the ad-free version.

Here’s what Julie has to say about insurance reimbursement.

The medical massage profession is in a big state of confusion. Here in WA State we are able to become contracted providers with companies such as Regence Blue Shield. But that is a mixed blessing. While we want to be a part of the medical profession, the insurance companies here are raking us through the coals and taking advantage of the fact that massage therapists are willing to work at such low rates. ($59 for one such company.)

They are also making it harder to collect money and are limiting benefits. Do we as a profession really want to be a part of such an organization?

My personal passion is teaching people how to bill insurance companies for massage services so that they can then see how it does not serve our profession.

I also have most of the information that one needs to know to bill insurances available online for free at

Thanks Julie!

The Disappearing Blogist!

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Oh my goodness! First my laptop died on a trip. Talk about losing a good friend. Then I had to buy and configure the new one and switch all my programs over. Yuck! Even networking it to my main computer, it’s still a PAIN! If anyone has figured a way to do it easily, do let me know.

Then I took a trip with my husband to a remote little beach cabin, where there was supposedly a good wireless connection. Well, it turned out that I had to climb over the rocks to the next cabin down the beach (between the full moon, and a big storm, the tide was so high there was no beach to walk on), then hang off the edge of their deck in the rain and wind (no one was there – who besides us would stay at a beach cabin in a storm), to get the promised connection to the rest of the world. Needles to say, I got sick and spent our “vacation” feeling pretty miserable.

But now life is good. I’m at a conference in Scottsdale, AZ, it is 85 and sunny, my new laptop has become my newest best friend, and the wireless connection is sweet. All is well with the world. I’m back….