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They WOWed me!!!

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Don’t you just love it when a company goes beyond the “everyday” and does something that WOWs you? I do!

Well that happened today. I recently switched my phone service to Comcast, but what they didn’t tell me was that it would totally disrupt my computer network (I also use them for internet access) and I’d have to reinstall some software and reconfigure some hardware that my treasured computer “gal” had, up until then, running like a dream. Now nothing worked.

So I called the company that made my router (D-Link) and the technician gal had me go through a whole series of actions to troubleshoot the problem and then fix it. And she stayed with me until I was satisfied that the problem was resolved. That’s nice, and what I expect from good customer service.

However a short while later I got an email from them outlining step-by-step what she had instructed me to do, down to the very last detail. Now THAT was unexpected! I saved the email in a word document and filed it away so that if I ever run into that problem again I’ll know just what to do.

Now to me, that was going beyond the ordinary and and it totally WOWed me.

The thing is, often going beyond the ordinary is so simple, and yet so overlooked. But it can make the difference between mediocre service and being memorable and outstanding.

So what can you do in your massage practice to go beyond the ordinary, the unexpected, the mediocre, and totally WOW your clients?

I’d love to hear your ideas…

Sicko for Sure

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I know that a lot of massage therapists, myself included have had our share of challenges (and some pleasant surprises) in dealing with our client’s health insurance companies.

I have also been dealing with my own personal insurance nightmare the past few months.

Like many of you my husband Francis and I are self-employed therapists and have private health insurance which we pay for dearly ($914 a month for the two of us for a policy with a $2500 deductible). In over 10 years we have never needed to use our major medical (thank goodness!) until Francis had an accident and needed surgery last December.

Despite having a policy that is supposed to pay 100% after the deductible has been met we are now stuck with about $20,000 in medical bills (which is growing each month because of interest fees). Now that is Sicko!

So I am particularly interested in Michael Moore’s new movie dealing with the subject.

As I am currently traveling across the country from Bellingham, Washington to Annapolis, Maryland I have not had a chance to see it yet.

Have you?

Do you like our new look?

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I’ve been working to switch servers for my blog, and in the meantime held off on adding new posts. But the switch is finally made and we are now thrilled to be part of the Fun, Money, Good Network.

Soooooo, how do you like the new look?

We will also soon be launching our online radio show, Massage Success Radio. So do check back often or subscribe to our “feeds” so that you don’t miss out.