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How to Write Letters That Sell

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One of our blog readers, Michael Mc Hugh, had a great book recommendation and I wanted to share it with everyone. His post is below.

Do you have a book or resource that has really  helped you in your massage business? If so, please hit the comments link below and let us know.

Here is what Michael said (thanks Michael):

I came across a very good book recently in my local library its title is “how to write letters that sell”. It is all about what to put in advertisements, what words to use and what words not to use. I found it invaluable and my responses have increased considerably. As far as I know the book is out of print but your local library should be able to get it for you.The Authors name is christian H Godefroy and Dominique Glocheux and the ISBN number is 0-7499-1179-4. I also find that reading these books gives me great confidence as does your articles that you E-mail to me .Thanks for everything keep up the good work  p.s. I hope your dog is feeling better bye for now michael

JJ Needs Your Help!

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Last week during a run in the park, my puppy dog, JJ (actually he is a very youthful, almost 13 year old Vizsla. His birthday is tomorrow.) fell over and couldn’t get up. Looks like he has an spinal infection or a cervical disc injury.

I knew he wouldn’t be around for ever, but I didn’t expect to be possibly losing him so soon. He has soooo much energy that when people ask his age and I tell them he’s 12…. they often think I mean months, not years.

Needless to say I have been watching over him 24/7 since it happened. That’s one of the benefits of having a home studio and office. It’s been a very challenging few days, not knowing if he was going to make it, but it looks like he turned a corner yesterday and I do think he’ll pull out of this one.

But I know there are a LOT of healers who read this blog, so if you feel so inclined to send some healing thoughts to JJ, he and I would sure appreciate it.

How to Beat the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues: Idea #10

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Have you ever been at a networking event, or even a party and someone asks you what you do or what your specialty is and you feel tongue-tied?

Or you tell them that you are a massage therapist that focuses on Holographic Repatterning to balance non-coherent frequencies in the energy field, followed by restoring the bio-mechanical functioning of the body through Hoshino Therapy and by manipulating the fascia. And you finish the session off with the Rubenfeld Synergy Method which integrates components of Gestalt psychotherapy, Feldenkrais movement, and Ericksonian hypnotherapy to best meet the needs of the client… and you wonder why you get a blank stare?

Have you ever had that experience with your auto-mechanic?

To increase massage marketing confidence, practice explaining what you do in a clear, concise way, without using any massage lingo, so that instantly people respond by saying… “WOW, how soon can you fit me on your schedule?”

There is a chapter in my free workbookfocused on how to articulate what you do in a compelling way that gets you clients. You can sign up for it on the home page of this blog.

How to Beat the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues: Idea #9

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Work with a coach or mentor to help you stay focused and on track as you grow your business and build your massage marketing confidence.

If you don’t yet have the resources to hire a professional coach,consider a buddy coach. Just be sure that the buddy you choose will actually hold you accountable to do the things you commit to. Pick someone that will really hold your feet to the flames, so to speak.

As a coach myself, I have found it invaluable to work with someone who has “been there, done it”. It can really cut down your learning curve.

Not only that, if they are successful they are bound to have made tons of mistakes along the way. That’s part of the journey. But why not learn from them so you don’t have to make the same mistakes too. Now, that’s a great confidence booster.