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Make More Money Promoting Massage Gift Certificates This Year

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One year at Christmas, a client of mine said that she would like to purchase a gift certificate for her boss to get a massage as she was so stressed out. (Now there’s a smart strategy!).

However she wasn’t sure if her boss would use it as she had never had a massage before. So I told her that I would put a 6 month expiration date on the certificate, and if her boss didn’t use it, it would revert back to her to use for herself or gift to someone else. She loved the idea so much that she bought more certificates for family Christmas gifts that year.

So that inspired a new policy with gift certificates in my practice. When someone purchased one (or more), I’d ask for the name and phone number of the recipient (if that information was available). After 6 months I’d call the recipient to remind them it was about to expire. I would always extend that if they asked.

They were also free to transfer it before it expired. If it still did not get used, I’d call the purchaser and they could schedule a session, or I’d re-issue them with a new certificate. Because of this policy I have sold a LOT of massage certificates.

Do note that in some states, (for example, Washington) it is illegal to put an expiration date on a gift certificate, so do check your local laws.

How have you used gift certificates successfully in your practice?

Do You Have the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues?

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Do you ever have those lulls in your business… when you know you have to go “out there” and get more massage clients? But you loath the very idea of picking up the phone and making those calls? Or scheduling a wellness talk? Or going to that networking event?

You see, often the problem is not that we don’t know what to do to get more clients, but that we are simply a little “under the weather” when it comes to marketing confidence. And let’s be honest, even the most successful therapists have confidence challenges from time to time.

Now I am not talking about general confidence. You may think you’re the bee’s knees in other areas of your massage business and in your personal life. But if you’d rather get a bikini wax (sorry guys) than make those follow up prospecting calls, then you might be suffering from the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues.

But the good news is, no matter how atrophied your massage marketing muscles may be, you can strengthen them with some simple confidence building strategies. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over the next few days. I’d love to hear some of yours…

How to Beat the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues: Idea #2

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Every day, challenge yourself to write down at least 3 massage marketing victories. They could be either successes you had that day, or things that you overcame (like procrastination) in building your massage business. Keep a “victories journal” to read in those moments when you don’t feel you are getting anywhere. It’s a great reminder of what you have accomplished.

How to Beat the Massage Marketing Confidence Blues: Idea #4

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A great confidence booster is to collect and periodically read testimonials from your clients.

Don’t feel comfortable asking for them? Then any time a client says something nice about you, (they do, don’t they…?) write it down (as best as you can remember) and send or email it to them with a note asking if you can use it as a testimonial.

There is nothing like reading them from time to time to beat the blues. You can also use them in your marketing (with written permission of course).

So what is your BEST EVER client testimonial?  Go on, toot your own horn. Brag a little. And please share it with us by clicking on the “comments” link below.