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Massage Marketing Made Easy: A Simple 9-Step Marketing Plan, Step # 9

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9. Have a Tracking System

It is important to have a system in place to track your efforts as well as your results. Having such a system in place will give you a clear sense of direction as to where you and your business are going. It will also help you to stay focused and on task.

A tracking system also gives you the evidence that what you are doing is actually working. Think about how motivating this would be!  There is nothing better to help you to stick with it until you reach your desired goals, than to see the progress you are making.

And what if things are not working as well as planned? Well, a tracking system will let you know that too. And better to find out sooner rather than later. That way you can make the necessary course corrections to get your marketing back on track.

So, what do you want to keep track of? You may choose:

  • The exact source of each prospect.
  • How many new prospects each massage marketing strategy produced.
  • How many of these prospects became regular clients.
  • The actual monetary value that these new clients produced.

So do remember to periodically evaluate the results you are getting, and make any adjustments to your plan as necessary until you reach and maintain your client or patient goal, and the massage business of your dreams.

Well, that’s it for our 9 Step Marketing Plan for Massage Therapists. Hope you found it useful.

What Would You Have Told Her?

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I recently received an email from a massage student who was currently studying to be a licensed massage therapist. She was thinking ahead and planning how she was going to get started in her new career.

She wondered if she should either work for an established wellness center (and possibly even begin to develop her own clientele “on the side”) or start looking for a location and immediately go out on her own as a self employed professional. She asked for my advice.

I though that there might be others out there reading this who would be interested in the subject, so here’s what I told her…

“The approach you take really depends on how good you are at promoting yourself and running your own business. If you want to go off on your own, there are a lot of benefits, but you will need a good plan in place to market your services. That is where many of the therapist I talk to get stuck.

In addition to business and marketing skills, you will also need some start-up capital, or at least money to live on for the first 3-6 months while you build up your clientele.

If you think that you can really get the word out in your community and have the discipline and motivation to run your own business then go for it. The rewards are super; freedom from someone telling what to do, keep all of the profit for yourself, run your business however YOU want.

But if you are unsure about your basic business skills (or even your massage skills for that matter) then I would recommend that you begin your massage career by working for someone else. Let them take care of getting clients in the door, and you can focus on developing your skills and your “style” as a therapist. That way you will have a lot more confidence if you later decide to go off on your own.

It will also give you some idea of what it takes to run a business, so you can decide if it is something you are cut out for. Many therapists underestimate what it takes to run a successful massage practice and are ultimately happier being employed by someone else.”

And that is what I wrote. But that is just one opinion. And I know there are some experienced therapists out there who read this. So my question to you is….

What would you have told her?

When bad things happen

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This morning I went to hear a great marketing consultant, Taimi Dunn Gorman, speak about getting free publicity. Now wouldn’t we all like more of THAT! She told a great (true) story I’d like to share with you.

There was a restaurant owner (in Seattle I believe) who had a disaster strike one day. A huge truck carrying syrup had an accident and overturned on the street just outside his restaurant. Of course it made quite a mess, and the street was closed most of the day.

The business owners were complaining and whining about having NO business ’cause nobody could get to them.

But not the enterprising  restaurant owner… He was way too busy making pancakes!!! And serving them to the hordes of reporters who came to survey the syrupy scene.

Do you think he made the news that night? And then some…

It made me ponder… Where in my life do I whine when I should be making pancakes.

How about you?