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When the Going Gets Tough

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This month has been particularly stressful for me. I attended 3 conferences, the Women’s Power Summit and the Big Seminar (for internet marketing), both in LA, and Consulting Resource Group’s Train-The-Trainer in Vancouver BC. I’ll be sharing gems from those conferences with you later.

I am an avid learner, but even for me that was a lot. There were many long days and late nights. I was the networking queen and took full advantage of the chance to meet the many incredible people those conferences brought together.In addition, being gone so much meant that I was always playing “catch-up” in the days that I was home.

By the end of it all my stress level was high and I felt pretty drained emotionally and physically. My friends are often pretty amazed at my seemingly boundless energy, but the Energizer Bunny I am not!

When it was all said and done, sleep became my best friend. I’ve never really been one for naps, but all of a sudden, to lie down in a quiet, darkened room and do NOTHING was the ultimate regenerator. Sometimes I dozed and sometimes I did not, but I always felt better afterwards and ready to face the world and my clients again with a stronger mind and body.

So if the stress of the season gets to you, learn from our children and take a nap. And yes, you can have cookies and milk too.