Elizabeth Fletcher Brown’s years of experience in both the massage therapy profession, as well as in personal and professional development makes her the ideal candidate to help you with your massage business success.

Elizabeth understands the massage profession from the perspectives of therapist, clinic or spa manager, and business owner. Between her husband Francis and herself, they have been all three.

After graduating from the University of London’s Laban Center for Movement and Dance, and the London School of Contemporary Dance in her early 20s, Elizabeth enjoyed a very successful career as a professional dancer in New York City, London, Tokyo and Los Angeles. She performed extensively on Broadway, film, television and in print.

She said, “What this stage of my life taught me was the importance of following your dreams, the art of being persistent, the meaning of discipline, not taking rejection personally, the importance of working together in a team, knowing when to take the stage as a leader and shine and when to be a supportive follower, how to work with “prima donnas” (literally)… and so much more.” All of this became the foundation for her future business successes.

One of her more unusual assignments resulted in her being featured at Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum in London. And some of her most fun jobs were performing with various artists, including Janet Jackson in NYC.

One of her most fulfilling projects was working with the Artist-In-The-Schools program in Hawaii, using movement and dance to help young, adolescent girls gain confidence in their bodies and their feminine persona. This expanded into her later volunteering with the renowned arts-based program for teens, The Power of Hope.

Elizabeth then traveled internationally as a sought after workshop facilitator for personal and professional development workshops, teaching thousands of participants and inspiring them to move into action at previously unknown levels. Since 1989 Elizabeth’s workshops and seminars have acted as catalysts, assisting others in practical ways of bringing greater purpose to their lives, exploring new possibilities, and cultivating the skills and confidence in themselves to go after what they really want.

Since becoming licensed as a massage therapist in 1989, Elizabeth (along with her husband Francis) has built successful massage practices in Maryland, Hawaii, Washington DC, Virginia, Arizona, and Washington.

She is certified as a success coach with Success Unlimited Network™, one of the oldest coach training organizations in the US, attended the Graduate School of Coaching and the School of Small Business Coaching, and is a founding member of the International Association of Coaches.

She has also completed advanced levels of the acclaimed Peak Potentials Train-the-Trainer Program for excellence in facilitating skills including accelerated learning technologies. Elizabeth is also certified as a trainer with Consulting Resource Group, using their personal and professional development products, programs and systems for excellence in business and in life.

Elizabeth is a popular presenter for the American Massage Therapy Association and a regular contributor to many industry journals including AMTA-WA’s Massage Journal and Holistic Health Journal.

Elizabeth believes that we each have something unique to share with the world, and doing so will lead to us being more vibrant, dynamic and enthusiastic in all areas of our life. She integrates this philosophy into every aspect of her work.

Always an active member of her community, for two terms Elizabeth was the director of the Bellingham Women’s Chapter of Leads Club, and is a former member of the Bellingham Women’s Professional Network.

Elizabeth currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband Francis, and their dog JJ.

Her Personal Quest: Understanding what makes people tick. Exploring what inspires them to go beyond the ordinary to achieve the extra-ordinary.

Her Most Notable Achievement: When she was 21 years old Elizabeth left behind her family, friends and everyone and everything she knew (she’s from Scotland) to move to New York City, and to a country where she knew nobody, to follow her life-long dream of being a professional dancer (which she did). This adventuring spirit still lives on in her today!